With technology evolving so fast, it might be hard to catch up. In this article, we share our AR expertise to help physical businesses understanding one of the biggest technology shift of the century, namely spatial computing. GAFAM and other giants mobile manufacturers are pushing AR to the mass, so how can businesses leverage this new opportunity?

TLDR: jump straight after Stardust’s logo ;)

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Augmented reality today

When we started to explore Augmented reality 3 years ago, coming from a VR background, we didn’t expect AR & VR to be so different. As a matter of fact, basic skill sets are similar, both in terms of asset creation, engine used or even deployment platform (most commonly used phones support both AR and VR). Back then, iOS’s ARkit and Android’s ARcore just got released, paving the way for mass adoption. Vuforia, Kudan, Blippar and other big players were also offering solutions to developers, but from a user point of view, everything…

Neogoma Stardust

Stardust SDK, visual positioning technology enabling world-scale AR

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